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EUROLogin 2020

Initiative co-financed by the European Commission through the CEF Telecom programme, managed by HaDEA

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Although ACTide® is used by all types of customers and industries -whether they are Pharmaceutical or Medical Device companies, research institutions, non-profit organizations, or hospitals-, it is CROs that are historically the designated target audience for our platform. ACTide® is fully featured with the Sponsors’ most requested functionalities; it also comes with an encompassed flexibility in terms of configuration, usage, and pricing that make it the perfect solution for CROs.
ACTide®'s clinical services are the perfect companion to your projects based on our platform and are declined with the same level of flexibility. Our data management team is engaged with your project from the very beginning until the study decommissioning to support your team throughout the study lifecycle.



ACTide® is the flexible and affordable solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Optional modules, along with a flexible service model, allow you to tailor the solution to the real needs of your projects/studies, thereby lowering the TCO per study by minimizing system complexity.


EDC medical device clinical trials software must meet a variety of requirements related to connectivity, security, privacy, API integration, and specific interfaces to hardware. Medical device companies must be forward-looking and provide their data to post-market safety surveillance, compliant with regulatory authorities’ expectations.


ACTide® complies with VICH GL9 (CGP) and is the perfect solution for your clinical animal health trials. Specific features have been created and configured to meet the particular needs of Data Capture in Animal Health scenarios.


The flexible service model and the extreme granularity in the configuration of the CRF allow a very favorable price level, even for low budget or non-profit projects. Added to this is the ability to further split the TCO by outsourcing part of the study's CRF design process.


eCRF Self-Configuration

ACTide® flexible workflow gives your project-managers unlimited freedom to design and configure your eCRF. It helps create validation rules, manage users and sites. You can define and set normal ranges for laboratory data, preview your draft at any time to have a working environment to show to your customers.

Intermediate Tactical Choices

Rely on the ACTide® Team for complex or critical tasks and use your staff for the rest. You decide the balance between internal and external effort to match your budget requirements and your production pipeline.

Full Service by Nubilaria

Fully delegate to the experienced ACTide® Team staff the task of building and validating your eCRF and see the magic happen. Focus your team on your core duties and tasks and let the ACTide® Team to complete your eCRF fully compliant with project requirements.


Learn how our 10 years of experience is helping our clients accelerate their clinical trials by ensuring data quality.

The Neurological Institute Carlo Besta, in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Health, has developed and validated a protocol for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer. Such protocol includes a research phase on “biological and generic markers”, diagnosis, cognitive-behavioural tests and guidelines...

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SCOPE 2021 Virtual

SCOPE - Summit for Clinical Ops Executives

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EUROLogin 2020

EUROLogin 2020

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ACTide against COVID-19

DECEIVER trial for COVID-19 related ARDS intensive care

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