Predictions for 2020: What Does the Future Hold for Clinical Trials?

The clinical trial industry saw some very innovative changes this past year with enhancements and technological developments in clinical operations to provide optimum industry experiences.

Heading into 2020, the direction of clinical trials will continue towards greater technology adoption and patient focus with several expected new trends.

A. There will be globally sponsored initiatives to keep participants focused and involved throughout the course of clinical trials.

These initiatives will provide participants with solutions to overcome some of the more prevalent barriers to clinical trial participation.
● Financial barriers
Often a significant participation hurdle for patients, sponsorships are being provided to assist with ancillary costs throughout the trial period.
● Logistical barriers—rise of hybrid trials
The shift to a hybrid study model, with limited on-site visits mixed with portions the protocol and supporting data collection being completed remotely, will not only help with logistical issues but also help sponsors to reduce cost.
● Patient-centric trial designs
The shift towards patient participation early in the study development and protocol design allows for a trial customized to the needs of the patient participants while maintaining the integrity of study objectives.

B. Priorities centered on budget and negotiation processes
Direct attention on strengthening the initial study set-up process focusing on the use of data automation for higher study budget efficiency.

C. Electronic data capture (EDC) for patient data will shift towards eSource.
Despite some hesitations and technical uncertainties, eSource is proving to be an effective and functional technology for data collection in the foreseeable future.


Clinical Trials3 KEY POINTS
2020 will see:
1. Increased participation initiatives.
2. Stronger focus on budget and negotiation processes
3. Use of eSource for more efficient patient data collection

Quote from the article: “2020 will continue the momentum towards greater technology adoption and patient focus. “



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