Will Privacy Be Worth Sacrificing For A Longer And Healthier Life?

Giant tech companies are stepping forward into tech’s next frontier: Healthcare.

By creating wearable devices that track people’s sleep, heart rates, activity levels, and more substantial medical data can be registered with Artificial Intelligence.

This could lead to huge computing power monitoring people’s every heartbeat and sneeze.

In the US, for instance, there are already health insurances promising discounted premiums in return to access to personal data harvested by wearables.

Hence questions arise about how companies will use the data to develop deeply invasive innovations?

Some of the most intimate personal information now goes way beyond organizations that treat us when we are ill.

Clinical Trials3 KEY POINTS

1. For millions of us, the future may well feature an alarmingly regular experience: reaching for our phones and finding that an algorithm beyond our understanding suddenly deems us at risk of any number of illnesses, ailments, and conditions.
2. One of the central questions of the near future is: will the price of longer and healthier lives be losing the most basic kinds of privacy?
3. Anxieties about data breaches or the fact that AI can trace even supposedly anonymous data back to individuals.

“In the US, a handful of activists in Congress are now regularly proposing legislation on data, privacy, and consent.” says John Harris, a Guardian columnist

Article source: http://bit.ly/2HwYQrW
Image source: http://bit.ly/2u6BNRR, http://bit.ly/2HupFgi

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