How Will New Algorithms and Dataset Database Revolutionize Wearable Health Technologies?

Shimmer Research recently released information on their new Open Wearables Initiative (OWEAR) now openly seeking software and dataset submissions for open source collaboration in wearable health technology.

OWEAR will create a functional collaboration to revolutionize wearable healthcare device research.

Wearable biometric devices, ingestible data collection sensors, and a vast array of cutting edge technologies provide the ability to monitor healthcare data instantaneously. These new device innovations will revolutionize healthcare research.

The new OWEAR collaboration will allow open access to over a decade of groundbreaking research across multiple facets of healthcare research.

The primary objective is for OWEAR to provide a central informational center to catalog, distribute, and benchmark research algorithms to strengthen shared research.

“Shimmer has already registered several algorithms with OWEAR, and we are reaching out to the over 3,000 leading researchers who use our wearable sensors for healthcare applications and encouraging them to register their algorithms and datasets with OWEAR as well.” 

Collaboration across research applications is vital to the further development of digital healthcare applications.

prognosis 3 KEY POINTS

  1. Shimmer Research is working to revolutionize digital healthcare research with a new Open Wearable Initiative (OWEAR)
  2. OWEAR will create a new free-use, searchable database to provide a central research depository.
  3. This large scale research collaboration will serve to streamline and advance digital healthcare applications.

“Shimmer Research is proud to help lead OWEAR and partner with our peers to develop this new open source database for the benefit of the entire community.” says Geoffrey Gill, President of Shimmer Americas.


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