What Needs to be Done to Exploit the Full Potential of EMA’s Medicines Database?

Over the years, a massive amount of investment has been made in the preparation of the EU’s ISO IDMP (identification of the medicinal products).

In order to harness this investment for real-world gain, it is important to manifest the industry and the worldwide benefits of this project.

Some major challenges faced by the project include improper use of the high-quality database and a lack of supervision.

To make tangible progress in the current year, certain things need to be prioritized, which include an improved collaboration and contribution among all stakeholders and establishment of clearly articulated plans for validation and use of the IDMP database.

At such a crucial stage where implementation is so close, everyone needs to take responsibility and maximize their contribution so that the project does not lose momentum.

Database3 Key Points

  1. Despite hefty investments and an expected implementation in the near future, the EU’s IDMP database is currently unable to make tangible progress.
  2. Some of the challenges faced by this project include a lack of clear ownership and collaboration among various stakeholders.
  3. Irrespective of all the conflicting priorities, it is crucial to make an effort in order to prevent the loss of IDMP at such a crucial stage.

To underpin its mission of protecting human health, EMA must catalyse and enable regulatory science and innovation to be translated into patient access to medicines in evolving healthcare systems.” – Prof. Guido Rasi, EMA Executive Director

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Source: http://bit.ly/2PlP5Bk

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