What Are The 10 Most Important Updates For World Cancer Day, 2020?

World Cancer Day, created by the Union for International Cancer Control in 2000, conducted a survey to know about the public’s views and experiences towards cancer.

The survey successfully revealed some important risk factors of cancer including UV rays, tobacco smoke, lack of exercise and being overweight.

In addition, ten cancer-related updates were issued by Healio and HemOnc Today in conjunction with the World Cancer Day, 2020.

According to these updates, most Americans are unaware of the association of e-cigarettes, sugary beverages and excessive body weight with an increased risk of cancer.

On the other side, certain preventive measures like a sustained weight loss for years and getting 9-valent HPV vaccines have been attributed to a decreased risk of cancer.

The survey also suggests that most LGBTQI and Latinx lack tailored information on cancer prevention and screening because they hesitate to share their gender identity.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force suggests screening all women with a familial risk assessment tool if they have a history of cancer or ancestry associated with BRCA mutations.


3 Key Points

  1. The World Cancer day 2020 urges everyone to make a personal commitment to reduce the global cancer burden.
  2. In conjunction with World Cancer Day, ten updates were released which identified various cancer-related risk factors like e-cigarettes, sugary beverages, and excessive body weight.
  3. The updates also highlighted multiple preventive measures such as HPV vaccination, weight loss, and familial screening to reduce the risk.


“It is unacceptable that millions of people have a greater chance of developing cancer in their lifetime because they are simply not aware of the cancer risks to avoid and the healthy behaviors to adopt — information that many of us take for granted,” says Cary Adams, CEO of Union for International Cancer Control


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Image Source: https://bit.ly/3bmKhUN

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