How to Broaden Community Engagement in Clinical Research?

Designing and assessing a pilot crowd sourcing project to obtain community feedback on an HIV clinical trial

Crowdsourcing, an unexplored method of community engagement in clinical trials, is a method in which the community members publicly share their innovative solutions to solve a problem.

This study used the crowdsourcing approach to get feedback on a phase 1 HIV antibody trial known as the Acceptability of Combined Community Engagement Strategies Study.

The scientists designed a series of crowdsourcing activities to collect feedback on the informed consent process, fairness/reciprocity in HIV clinical trials, and the experience of participating in the trial.

All the activities in crowdsourcing were open to all the members of a local community who were at least 18 years old or more.

These crowdsourcing activities included different innovative tools and both online and in-person participation opportunities to engage the maximum amount of community members in the process.

The public discussion events in this study had 38 participants whereas there were 43 submissions in the idea contest.

The study concluded that there is a sufficient amount of community interest in calls for feedback regarding the conduct and design of clinical trials and that crowdsourcing is an innovative and feasible strategy for engagement.

3 Key Points

  1. Crowdsourcing is an unexplored method to promote community engagement in various clinical trials.
  2. The current study used the crowdsourcing technique in an HIV clinical trial to assess the efficacy of crowdsourcing as a clinical trial community engagement tool.
  3. Because of the high efficacy of crowdsourcing, clinical trial researchers must consider applying it as a tool to inform trial processes from a community perspective.

Suzanne Day, the lead author, notes, “Clinical trial researchers are encouraged to consider the opportunities of implementing crowdsourcing to inform trial processes from a community perspective.”

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