What Are The Three Clinical Trial Predictions For 2020?

Integrating the use of synthetic data based on real-world outcomes, and predictive analytics, both real and virtual, will lead to a new generation of clinical data management.

Despite today’s focus on outcomes, the ability to evaluate real-world patient data is crucial in providing the right care and optimizing medical outcomes.

However, due to privacy concerns, real-world data are subsequently departmentalized, making the use of synthetic data more available.

In the coming year, the use of synthetic data is expected to maximize trial efficiency, minimize costs, and boost results for all stakeholders.

It is indeed beneficial in speeding up the diagnosis and management of disease, development of treatment regimens, and the detection and prevention of drug side effects.

Collectively, all these approaches will increase the enrollment of trials across the industry.

3 Key Points:

1.New clinical trial strategies will provide a more economical, innovative, and effective platform for the discovery of life-saving drugs for a variety of patient needs.

2. While clinical trials are lengthy and complicated, innovative companies can use the latest scientific developments and technologies to streamline research approaches and establish efficiencies.

3. Improving community interaction and access to information would also enhance awareness and monitoring of trials.

“Companies will have greater latitude, not only in determining how trials are run but also, in making trial design modifications on the fly,” says Richard Young, Senior VP, clinical data strategy, Veeva.

Article source: http://bit.ly/2VN2EO2
Image source: http://bit.ly/2VURy9N

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