What Can We Expect from the New WHO Regional Director For Europe Who Took Up Office?

On February 3, 2020, a Belgian national named Dr. Hans Kluge was endorsed by the WHO’s Executive Board as the leader of their Regional Office for Europe for the coming 5 years.

Dr. Kluge has experience working in multiple countries across three continents and being a medical doctor, he is anticipated to bring extensive international experience to the position of Regional Director.

According to Dr. Kluge, it is crucial to building a pan-European culture of health in which the goals related to health and well-being can guide in private and public decision-making.

After being promoted to the post of Regional Director, Dr. Kluge is determined to focus on activities in strategic directions.

These directions include the provision of a roadmap for better health, ensuring health security in emergencies, an increment of health behavior insights, supporting health transformations, encouraging leverage strategic partnerships for better health, and improving the excellence of the Regional Office.


3 Key Points

  1. Dr. Hans Kluge has been appointed as the new WHO Regional Director for Europe to serve over 900 million people.
  2. With a strong background in medicine and plenty of international experience, Dr. Kluge is expected to improve the excellence of his office.
  3. Using the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and building on WHO’s global priorities, Dr. Kluge is determined to focus on six strategies to improve the health statistics in his region.


 “Every child, every woman and every man in our beautiful and diverse region has the right to health. I am committed to delivering united action for better health. This means applying the best data and evidence, demanding increasing investment in health, strengthening our health systems around people’s needs, and extending inclusive and non-discriminatory access to health care to all. By so doing, we build fair, happy, sustainable societies for ourselves and generations to come”- Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director For Europe.

Article Source: http://bit.ly/2IFYShG
Image Source: WHO

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