What are some of the challenges of delivering medical information online?

What are some of the challenges of delivering medical information online?

Consider the benefits and challenges of providing information to patients via the web. Electronic product information (ePI), started becoming available in the EU late last January.

The approach to delivering up-to-date medical information is being outlined by European authorities. This action helps medical professionals prescribe to patients while at the same time educating the patients themselves.

Regulations require this information to be on paper-form, but through electronic summaries, it is much more accessible. These benefits include the ability to search desired information, automatic updates, and access to audio or video content.

Patients will be able to report to their doctors online as well to capture accurate information.

3 Key Points:

  1. This allows for patients to be informed on updated regulations for the products they are currently using or might be looking into.
  2. The almost real-time connection for updated product information allows patients to trust that what they see online is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. The ability to easily access information will breed trust between the patient and the provider.

The question now is how organizations might start to prepare themselves to fully exploit the future reality of online product information provision. It may be early days, particularly in the pharma sector, but early providers of online product information are likely to be applauded by the market for their visible commitment to transparency and patient safety.” – Irena Milobratovic, European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine

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