What are the 5 ways to carry out a patient-centric clinical trial?

Clinical trial recruitment and retention have emerged as the most important barriers to success in the scientific community.

Sources suggest that less than 5% of the eligible candidates sign up for clinical trials, and 30% of them drop out at some point during the trial.

Such alarming figures have forced the scientists to embrace patient-centric clinical trials in an attempt to secure the future of their programs and introduce effective drugs.

Five different ways are being used by scientists to maximize clinical trial recruitment and retention.

The first method includes an increased focus on the patient-reported outcomes to assess the effect of a particular medical treatment or intervention.

The second method includes implementing remote reporting so that the frequency of site visits by the patients can be reduced.

The third method is the introduction of patient-centred study designs to find solutions that work for everyone involved.

The fourth method includes rapid reimbursement to all the participants to make sure that all the out-of-pocket expenses are paid before they start affecting the patients’ finances.

The last method includes the provision of lay summaries so that engagement with the patients can be maximized.


3 Key Points

  1. Clinical recruitment and retention are among the biggest challenges faced by the scientific community in terms of clinical trials.
  2. Approximately 5% of the eligible candidates worldwide sign up for clinical trials, and 30% of them drop out at some point during the trial.
  3. Scientists are attempting to overcome these challenges by introducing five key changes including patient-reported outcomes, remote reporting, patient-centred study designs, rapid reimbursement, and lay summaries.

Source: https://bit.ly/3dnTsGm
Image source: http://bit.ly/39YwYcL

CEO of Greenphire, Jim Murphy explains, “We can’t control protocol – protocol is what it is – but if you can take care of all those other elements of patient convenience in a way that actually reduces the burden on the investigative site, you’ve added connectivity and allowed more time for the site to focus on the patient.

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