Can COVID-19 Cause a ‘Digital Reset’ for Pharma?

Marc Valdiviezo, the VP Strategy and Applied Digital Transformation in Indegene has stated that the COVID-19 related crisis may lead to a digital reset in the pharmaceutical industry.

This digital reset will redefine what it means to engage with customers physically, digitally, or both at the same time.

According to Valdiviezo, the world has already witnessed how this crisis has delayed certain trials while accelerating others, but once the crisis passes, the effects stretch beyond this clinical trial area.

There is a possibility that certain regulations will be imposed on both the businesses and customers to ensure maximum safety, for example, restrictions on who can visit a hospital.

Some of these possible changes will stem from the business while others from the regulators, with a common aim to protect both patients and personnel.

Furthermore, there will also be a change in the challenges that the industry is already facing, and some of them may become more significant than others.

Valdiviezo described this entire situation as a forced mass experiment which includes switching from personal to non-personal promotion.


3 Key Points

  1. The recent COVID-19 crisis is expected to cause a digital reset in the pharmaceutical industry as per Marc Valdiviezo, Indegene’s VP Strategy and Applied Digital Transformation.
  2. This digital reset is presumed to set new definitions of how the industry engages with its customers both physically and digitally.
  3. Once the crisis ends, certain regulations might be imposed on both businesses and customers to ensure the maximum safety of both customers and personnel.

“Make sure you keep the customer experience in mind. Remember what the actual end goal is. Make sure that with these different restrictions and regulations, you still deliver something of high value to your customers.” – Marc Valdiviezo, VP Strategy and Applied Digital Transformation, Indegene


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