Does A Hypothetical Question About Outsourcing Service Leads to More Questions?

To improve our understanding of the supplier traits on which buyers of outsourced services focus, the Industry Standard Research (ISR) raised an important hypothetical question.

Supposing people to be in charge of establishing a bioprocessing contract manufacturing business, ISR asked them about the most important service provider attributes that their company should excel at.

The five commonest answers to this question were quality, affordability, timeliness, expertise, and regulatory compliance.

Quality was found to be the commonest reason for service provider preference and the primary satisfaction driver for service provider performance for quality compliance.

Affordability or cutting costs was found to be the primary motivation for outsourcing, but it carried less importance when weighed against the whole list of CMO attributes.

About one-third of the respondents considered timelines as an area of excellence in their own manufacturing business.

Expertise was the fourth most common attribute among which scientific expertise was found to receive the highest number o votes.

Lastly, regulatory compliance was listed as the fifth most common area for excellence independently, but it went far down the list when reviewed as a part of a larger study.

3 Key Points

  1. As a part of the Bioprocessing Market Dynamic Survey, the ISR asked people about the most important service provider attributes that their company should excel at.
  2. Quality, affordability, timeliness, expertise, and regulatory compliance are the five most common answers coming from the respondents.
  3. Choosing the right contract manufacturer is a complex and complicated process and must include self-contradictions to make the right choice.

As Kate Hammeke, the VP of Market Research at Industry Standard Research (ISR) notes, “Finding the right contract manufacturer is a complex and sometimes complicated process, and with that, one should expect some contradictions. The path toward a decision will almost certainly include flip-flopping on one’s own beliefs. When that happens, go ahead and contradict yourself. Service provider selection is large. It contains multitudes.”

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