What are the Four Stages Of Drug Delivery Device Evolution?

The healthcare world is undergoing a massive transformation which is primarily being controlled by three factors: the technological advances, the budget pressure, and aims to improve health outcomes in patients.

These transformations are also being implemented in the drug delivery device markets in the form of digitalization to support education, adherence, and wellness.

There are four stages in which this healthcare evolution is taking place.

The first stage is adherence. This stage ensures that all the patients take their respective medications at appropriate times.

The second stage is the behavior change which aims at changing the behavior of the patients to encourage the optimal use of drug delivery devices

The third stage is efficacy which includes leveraging a wide range of sensors for collecting and interpreting data and fitting these sensors in drug delivery devices.

The fourth stage is personalization in which the manufacturers are using personalized approaches, such as biometrical lockout and personal profile selection to measure the drug efficacy and improve the health outcomes.

3 Key Points

  1. The drug delivery systems are undergoing certain evolutionary changes, such as digitalization, to improve healthcare outcomes.
  2. Four stages help achieve these evolutionary changes- adherence, behavior change, efficacy, and personalization.
  3. Because the digitalization of the drug delivery system will complicate the post-use disposal process, the future evolution of these devices will need to address the sustainability agenda.

These macro trends in the healthcare sector are also playing out in the drug delivery device market, where we see a trend toward digitization to support wellness, education, and adherence. The aim is to ensure that patients receive the best treatment experience — therapeutically efficacious for their particular combination of personal and disease characteristics — administered in a way that complements, rather than conflicts with, their lifestyle,” says Valerie Phillips who is a MedTech expert at PA Consulting.

Source: https://www.bioprocessonline.com/doc/the-stages-of-drug-delivery-device-evolution-an-inhaler-case-study-0001

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