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Welcome to Nubilaria!
At Nubilaria, we don’t just provide data management platforms.
We craft integrated, multi-user modular ecosystems for the clinical and banking industries.
Our mission is to help you turn your vision into reality, and it’s our commitment to deliver on that promise.
If you’re curious to learn more about our offerings, we invite you to visit our company website at https://nubilaria.com/.

Our Mission

With tailored and innovative solutions, we take your data management to the next level.
Innovation is in our DNA.

Our Vision

Delivering innovative and creative solutions in a dedicated and sustainable way is our mission.
Since our humble beginnings, our goal has remained unchanged:contributing to making digital evolution a reality.

Our Values

Trust, Reliability, Accuracy, Engagement, Honesty, Transparency, Self-criticism, Simplicity, Teamwork, Commitment, Proactiveness, Communication, Perseverance, Quality, Well-being.

These values are the heart of every Nubilaria project, driving us to meet challenges with concrete and effective solutions.

Our Values Towards


Passion, fun, curiosity, and responsible integrity.


Confidence in the future, security, reliability, accuracy, pragmatics, and simplifying complexity.


Keeping our clients first, fostering a win-win perspective for all shareholders, staff, suppliers, and customers.


An empathic, caring, altruistic and ethical approach to the environment.

Our Business: Nubilaria Healthcare

Operating since 2008, Nubilaria Healthcare is a pioneer in the clinical trials market. Our platform for data collection, Nubilaria ACTide®, is meticulously developed with the customer with market needs in mind. It seamlessly blends immersive user experiences with an easy learning process.
As an IT-CRO (Information Technology-Contract Research Organization) for clinical trials, we specialize in data management and biostatistics. The ACTide® Ecosystem offers the most up-to-date modules for decentralized trials and patient remote monitoring, regularly updated to comply with market regulations.
At Nubilaria, we are not just a technology provider; we are your partners in progress. With a rich set of values, a visionary approach, and a commitment to excellence, we continue to innovate and shape the future of clinical data management.



RTSM@site, RTSM@home.


Patient Profile, Clinical Data Management, Charts.


Patient Profile, Clinical Data Management, Charts.


eTMF, RTSM, Validation Factory.


ePRO, Safety Tools, ISO 27001 certification obtained.


CDISC membership.


Launch of ACTide Designer. Early pilot projects with customers using the ACTide Designer in complete autonomy, to configure their eCRF.


First ACTide System Validation, Double Data Entry.


Birth of ACTide, a dedicated solution to the EDC and Clinical Data Management. ISO 9001:2008 certification obtained.


First electronic CRF released to customers.

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