Nubilaria & ACTide

Since its early days, Nubilaria® has been employing professionals with proven experience in the Clinical Data Management.

Nubilaria has always been focused on technological innovation with the aim to provide its customers with the best tools to improve both flexibility and efficiency.

Thanks to ACTide’s flexibility and usability, Nubilaria has consolidated a network of Customers/Partners, who trust the reliability and responsiveness of its customer support services.

Over the years, Nubilaria® has acquired sophisticated skills on multiple topics, including:

  • Business intelligence
  • Data management
  • Advanced data-entry interfaces
  • Data-access interfaces
  • Intranet & extranet for distributed information
  • System integration
  • Technological infrastructure strategy
  • Software consulting
  • Web application/web interfaces



Innovation with no limits.

Inspire customers to reach perfection by introducing cutting-edge solutions across the value chain.


In touch with your clinical data.

To become a point of reference for professionals who need to perform at best their daily jobs by being a consistent provider of reliable data management solutions.




Nubilaria began operating as a web-based solution provider focused on technological innovation with the aim to provide its customers with the best tools to improve both their flexibility and efficiency.

Nubilaria is committed to providing innovative solutions capable to create value for its customers while ensuring the utmost level of diligence and professionalism.


First electronic CRF released to customers.


Birth of ACTide, a dedicated solution to the EDC and Clinical Data Management.

ISO 9001:2008 certification obtained.


First ACTide System Validation.


Launch of ACTide Designer.

Early pilot projects with customers using the ACTide Designer in complete autonomy, to configure their eCRF.


Nubilaria CDISC membership.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification obtained.

133 clinical trials using ACTide eCRF.

Over 2.000 active users.

Collaborations with CROs in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel, Russia, New Zeland.






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