ACTide Safety HUB

Nubilaria and Yghea Announce ACTide® SafetyHUB

The Innovation in Clinical Safety. Nubilaria and Yghea are excited to present ACTide® SafetyHUB.

This module is part of the Safety Tool of the ACTide® ecosystem. It adds an advanced monitoring system designed to improve clinical safety processes in managing and notifying Adverse Events. ACTide® SafetyHUB can automatically integrate with sponsor platforms.

Key Features of ACTide® SafetyHUB

The innovations introduced by ACTide® SafetyHUB are numerous and bring the monitoring of adverse events to a new level of integration and automation within clinical trials. Let’s discover the main features:

  1. Automatic Integration: ACTide® SafetyHUB easily integrates with sponsor platforms, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in Adverse Event management.
  2. Adverse Event Monitoring: The system automatically scans patient eCRFs, generating transmissible and printable safety reports for investigators, CRAs, Sponsors, and Pharmacovigilance units. It also produces technical reports for data exchange with Sponsors’ and delegated CROs’ information systems.
  3. Follow-Up Management: ACTide® SafetyHUB automatically monitors Adverse Event follow-ups, recognizing changes over time and updating reports accordingly. This simplifies reconciliation and continuous monitoring of Adverse Events.
  4. Communication Plan: The system automatically notifies key users of new Adverse Events or follow-ups, ensuring that all stakeholders are always informed.
  5. Consultation Interface: ACTide® SafetyHUB provides a transparent consultation interface to monitor the exchange area between ACTide and external systems, including details of each transmission and related receipts.

Collaboration Between Nubilaria and Yghea

The ACTide® SafetyHUB project is the result of a synergy between Nubilaria and Yghea.

Yghea’s contribution led to the development of the mapping between the eCRF fields and the reports, while Nubilaria provided the ACTide® engine, wrote the programs for creating the reports and developed the APIs for connection to external systems. ACTide® SafetyHUB represents a significant advancement in clinical safety management, offering advanced tools for Adverse Event monitoring and seamless integration with sponsor platforms.

Learn more about how ACTide® SafetyHUB can enhance your clinical safety processes.



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