ACTide® Data Manager  Tools & Services

Revolutionize Data Management: Unleash the Power of Data Manager Tools & Services

ACTide® Data Manager Tools & Services
Revolutionize Data Management: Unleash the Power of Data Manager Tools & Services.

Empower your data controls and streamline your data acquisition processes with our revolutionary ACTide® Data Manager Tools & Services. 

Designed for Data Managers  and Study Coordinators, these tools redefine the landscape of clinical data management,  offering a seamless and efficient solution for  study oversight. 

Explore the Key Features of the ACTide® Data Manager Tools & Services

Background Data Controls

You can set and run data controls in  the background, allowing Investigators to access quick and simple forms on  the eCRF. 
You can enhance efficiency by 
monitoring data controls at any time,  ensuring a smooth and responsive 
data acquisition process.

Performance Monitoring

You can monitor key data acquisition  performances, including enrollment,  response time to clarifications, SDV,  and  percentage of data completion. 
You can gain real-time insights into  study progress for informed 

With ACTide® Data Manager Tools & Services with:

Clinical Data Management – You can ensure the integrity and quality of clinical data with our comprehensive data management services.

Study Level Validation – You can implement study-level validations to enhance data accuracy and compliance.

Data Integration and Feed – You can seamlessly integrate and feed data across various systems for a cohesive and interconnected approach.

Study Migrations and CDISC/CDASH Compliance – You can facilitate study migrations and ensure CDISC/CDASH compliance with our advanced eCRFs.

The Configurations of the ACTide® eTMF - Choose Your Essentials

Medical Coding Support

MedDRA, WHO Drug, ATC/ICD Dictionaries Data Managers supply medical coding with precision using MedDRA, WHO Drug, and ATC/ICD dictionaries.

Biostatistician Support

Randomization to TLGs Biostatisticians support you from randomization to producing Tables, Listings, and Graphs (TLGs).

Clinical Study Reports

Get expert assistance in generating comprehensive clinical study reports.

Submission-Ready Files

Generate multiple formats of files for FDA/PMDA submission, including SDTM, ADaM, and define.xml.

Revolutionize your approach to data management with our ACTide® Data Manager Tools & Services.

From background data controls to performance monitoring and comprehensive support in medical coding and biostatistics, we provide a complete solution for Data Managers and Study Coordinators.

Improve your clinical trials with tools designed for efficiency, compliance, and success.

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