ACTide® eTMF

Available as ACTide eCRF integrated or as a stand-alone service

Transforming Your Clinical Trials: Navigating the Future with Electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF)

ACTide® eTMF

Available integrated to ACTide eCRF or as a stand-alone service

Transforming Your Clinical Trials: Navigating the Future with Electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF)

In the dynamic world of clinical research, ACTide® eTMF have emerged as indispensable tools, reshaping the way trial documentation is managed.
Discover more about ACTide® eTMF, exploring its pivotal role, its benefits, and the transformative impact it brings to the landscape of clinical trials.

Understanding Electronic Trial Master Files

An Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) is a digital platform designed to streamline the organization, management, and oversight of clinical trial documentation.
This shift from traditional paper-based processes to electronic management signifies a leap forward in efficiency and compliance.

The Complete eTMF System for Your Studies:

  • Online h24x7x365.
  • Drug Information Association (DIA) TMF Reference Model natively compliant.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Complete, compliant, and clear audit trail.
  • Placeholders.
  • Unlimited number of releases per document.
  • Tags
  • Standard and customized reports.
  • Store all eTMF related emails directly into the database.

The Benefits of the ACTide® eTMF

Real-time Accessibility: You can provide instant access to trial documentation with ACTide® eTMF, allowing stakeholders to view and retrieve critical information in real-time, enhancing collaboration and decision-making. You can share documents between Sponsor, CRO, sites and countries in a centralized repository for real-time access, review, and exchange.

Enhanced Compliance: You can track and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements with the built-in features of ACTide® eTMF, reducing the risk of errors and oversights. You can keep your teams up to date with documents status trackers.

Streamlined Audits: You can make audits easy with ACTide® eTMF, through organized and searchable electronic documentation, reducing the time and resources required for compliance checks. You can stay in control by using granular profile-based accesses.

Easy Access: you can easily search and access all your documents in one place. You can set automatic quality checks to find missing signoffs and documents.

Save costs: You can increase your filing efficiency, reducing the risk of heavy workloads.

The Key Features of the ACTide® eTMF

Integration Capabilities

You can integrate ACTide® eTMF with other clinical trial management systems, electronic data capture, and regulatory systems for a unified and comprehensive approach.

Version Control

You can maintain a clear and organized record of different types of document versions with ACTide® eTMF, ensuring accuracy and compliance with evolving trial protocols.

User-Friendly Interface

You can make your files accessible to users at all levels with ACTide® eTMF, thanks to the intuitive interface promoting the adoption and reducing the learning curve.

The Configurations of the ACTide® eTMF - Choose Your Essentials

Start with a basic configuration and easily scale up to a full-service setup for your eTMF.

Basic Configuration

  • Document management system.
  • Default set of approval workflows.
  • Automated reminders to ensure quality and completeness.
  • Use your streamlined reference model of choice.

Advanced Configuration

  • Quarantine protection for file uploads.
  • Strict workflows to ensure quality and completeness.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Mobile integration for managing/editing eTMF documents on the go.
  • Complete current DIA TMF reference model (or any alternative model of choice).
  • Integrated viewer for common file formats.

In the ever-evolving world of clinical trials, ACTide® eTMF emerges as a beacon of efficiency and compliance. Embrace the transformative power of ACTide® eTMF to navigate the complexities of trial documentation, to foster collaboration, and project your clinical research endeavors into the future.

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