ACTide® is the right, flexible and affordable solution for the pharmaceutical industry. The optional modules available in the platform, together with its flexible service model, allow you to tailor the solution to the real needs of your projects/studies, and therefore lowering the TCO per study by minimizing the system complexity.


EDC software for medical device clinical trials must fit with a variety of requirements involving connectivity, security, privacy, API integration and specific interfaces to hardware. Medical device companies need to be forward-looking, providing their data to post-market safety surveillance, compliant with regulatory authorities' expectations.


Being VICH GL9 (CGP) compliant, ACTide® is the perfect solution for your Animal Health Clinical Trials. Specific features have been created and configured to answer the peculiar needs of Data Capture in Animal Health scenarios.


The flexible service model and the extreme granularity in the configuration of the CRF, allow a very convenient level of pricing even for low budgets projects or for non-profit projects. To this is also added the possibility of further breaking down the TCO by insourcing part of the design process of the study's CRF.