ACTide Centralized Monitoring

A simple and powerful module for Project Managers, Data Managers and Monitors.

Centralized monitoring helps you with tables, lists and charts designed to give you real-time control over the most important aspects of an investigation and is a concrete decision aid.


The Centralized Monitoring dashboard provides a comprehensive set of live charts, real-time listings, downloadable results:

  • Study general overview (patients enrolled; visits planned, ongoing, completed)
  • Patients status overview (enrolled, screened, randomized/treated, drop-out, completed)
  • Drug management status (drug kits in warehouse, sent to centers, assigned to patients, stock levels at center and so on)
  • Investigators data entry status overview (records filled/missing, usage by investigators, delays in visits entry according to protocol schedule, missing closures)
  • ePRO data entry status overview (records filled/missing, usage by patients)
  • IMP compliance overview
  • Pathology in study specific reports (values, observations, questionnaires)
  • Safety reporting (AEs, SAEs)
  • Cross tables of AEs/SAEs vs Medications
  • Monitoring visits status (overall overview of SDVs done, not done)
  • Remarkable fields Monitoring status (special focus on most important fields to be monitored in the study)


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