02 ACTide eCRF

Web-based interface cross-platform and device ready.

A flexible, role-based data capture system to safely collect
study data in its compliant and validated database.

Full state-of-the-art EDC system:

  • Standard and customized user profiles.
  • Alerts and notifications system.
  • Online audit trails.
  • Monitoring & SDV tools.
  • Automatic clarifications.
  • Full state-of-the-art EDC system:
  • Real-time data exports.
  • Unlimited users and sites.
  • Document sharing within study/site crew(s).
  • Pre-loaded laboratory ranges.

Optional Tools:

  • ePRO: A web-based module to capture eDiaries and questionnaires data within the same database of the eCRF with the convenience of using your own device of choice.
  • eTMF: A secure and practical access point for TMF study documentation, supporting all essential document processes and reducing TMF management timelines, costs and risks.
  • CRA Tools: A robust set of tools to centrally verify study data with ease, from multiple points of view and even remotely
  • Data Management Tools & Services: A revolutionary set of tools that allows data controls to be set and run at any time in the background rather than on the eCRF where Investigators need quick and simple forms.
  • Safety Tool: A fully configurable reporting system that delivers an intuitive insight into how patient data evolve over time.
  • Project Management Tools: A new paradigm for data management that delivers the hands-on ability to maintain tight and responsive control over the study data (e.g. charts, KPIs, etc).
  • RTSM: A comprehensive tool to manage randomizations and clinical trial supplies. A platform with scalable complexity levels of automation and responsibility.
ecrf user interface
ecrf user interface
ecrf user interface
ecrf user interface


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