03 ACTide ePRO

Leave the days of paper forms!

A web-based module to capture eDiaries and questionnaires
data within the same database of the eCRF with the
convenience of using your own device of choice.

Fully featured mobile EDC solution:

  • Login with username and password (or PIN), face detection, and fingerprint.
  • Responsive design capable of automatically adapting its content to any device.
  • Upload images and files from both the device camera and internal file system.
  • Deliver on-device notifications.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Store data directly in the eCRF database.

Safe & Simple Login

ACTide ePRO is designed to make login to the platform as simple as possible using a standard username and password as well as any available system like face-detection or fingerprint readers.

Responsive Layout

ACTide ePRO ensure best usability across a broad range of existing devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.), ACTide ePRO has a fully responsive design.

Simple data-entry

ACTide ePRO embraces the use of Smart Controls to make the most out of any tool available within smart devices to make data-entry simple and intuitive.

Images and files upload

ACTide ePRO facilitates uploading files already available on the device to the online study server. Images can be directly uploaded to our server from both the live camera and the device’s library or filesystem.


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