ACTide Randomization and Trial Supply Management

ACTide RTSM is a comprehensive tool to manage Randomizations and Clinical Trial Supplies.

An integrated IWRS (Interactive Web Response System) allows clinical investigators, site staff, logistics staff, Pharmacist and Pharmacovigilance to access study data anytime and anywhere to execute their study-specific activities using an intuitive web-based interface.


A platform with scalable complexity levels of automation and responsibility:


The platform is the hub for Drug management information. Users need to access the platform to acknowledge shipment/ assignment/resupply status.


The platform automatically informs players about assignments/ shipments and resupply while study personnel is responsible for assigning kits to patients.


System behaves in complete autonomy.

Automated triggers inform the system about:

  • time to ship new kits
  • time to request a resupply
  • kits running out of stock
  • expiring kits
  • time to discard kits

The System manages in complete autonomy:

  • kits to patient assignment
  • shipment orders management
  • expired kits disposal


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