09 ACTide RTSM

Randomization and Trial Supply Management

A comprehensive tool to manage randomizations
and clinical trial supplies.


Two modules:

  • RTSM@Site.
  • RTSM@Home.

Scalable complexity levels ready to meet the most complex protocol and business requirements.

Drug management of:

  • Web randomization of patients.
  • Dynamic Management of Investigator’s prescriptions.
  • Prescription-based Drug calculation with First Supply and Resupply to the patitent's home.
  • Communications to depots and management interface.
  • Automatic adjustment of re-supply threshold & related communications.
  • Reporting and appropriate control/intervention interface.
  • Support for uploading files to accompany shipments.

Drug tracking and reporting. Dashboards, listings, charts for all appropriate actors: sponsor, CRO, depots, centers, patients:

  • Enrolled patients & their prescriptions.
  • Tracking of «orders» according to prescriptions.
  • Tracking of drug shipments status.
  • Tracking of drug availability at patient’s site.
  • Tracking of drug consumption status.
  • Tracking of unused drug return.


The platform is the hub for Drug management information. Users need to access the platform to acknowledge shipment/ assignment/resupply status.


The platform automatically informs players about assignments/ shipments and resupply while study personnel is responsible for assigning kits to patients.


System behaves in complete autonomy.

Automated triggers inform the system about:

  • time to ship new kits.
  • time to request a resupply.
  • kits running out of stock.
  • expiring kits.
  • time to discard kits.

The System manages in complete autonomy:

  • kits to patient assignment.
  • shipment orders management.
  • expired kits disposal.


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