ACTide sourceBOX

A Secure Shared File Area (SSFA) and a Shared Stream Channel (SSC) Platform in one

It provides Study Coordinators with a secure place where to redact and upload documents. It also serves CRAs providing them with a remote review and upload of their own monitoring reports.
ACTide sourceBOX makes remote Source Data Verification (rSDV) available to any study, anywhere and at any time.


SourceBOX helps you to:

Identify potentially problematic sites. If excessive unverifiable data points are found during remote monitoring activities, project leads and clinical monitors can be instructed to collaborate more closely.
With the traditional monitoring processes, it takes weeks, when not months, to establish a pattern while with centralized monitoring and rSDV, a pattern can potentially be established in days or weeks.
Improve the quality of monitoring activities and reduce on-site work and therefor time and costs.
Transforms CRAs into valuable resources for the sites by focusing their on-site time to support and consult the sites instead of verifying non-clinical data points which are already dealt with using rSDV.


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