QUALIFYZE, the new audit provider for Nubilaria ACTide

QUALIFYZE, our new audit provider.

09/08/2023 By Matteo Carnelli

A new audit provider for Nubilaria, discover QUALIFYZE.


QUALIFYZE is a leader in compliance and quality assurance.


In the healthcare sector, there is always a need to audit a new supplier.

We understand this need and offer a new opportunity to all organizations in need of a qualification audit.

With the help of technology, it is possible to acquire a third-party audit without the need, in the first instance, to audit the supplier in person.

Because of this possibility, we are proud to announce our new audit provider: QUALIFYZE, the WORLD'S FIRST ONLINE PLATFORM FOR VENDOR AUDITS, a Quality Assurance guarantee for full compliance.

Qualifyze supports pharmaceutical companies in qualifying their suppliers by providing high-quality audit reports with local auditors and local expertise in less than 6 weeks.


What are the advantages of choosing an external audit?


The advantages of choosing a QUALIFYZE audit for compliance and quality assurance are manifold:

  • Customization: Include the audit requirements in the audit and receive a tailor-made audit report.
  • Convenience: No need to worry about finding suitable auditors or scheduling time slots with the supplier. The offer includes a complete service, from scheduling to CAPA follow-up.
  • Service: Organises and prepares the entire process to address any quality-related questions, comments or requests.
  • Compliance: Offers a complete Quality Assurance service.


What guarantees of quality and conformity does an external auditor give me?


QUALIFYZE's approach to conformity and quality assurance in its auditing activities is proven by the numbers that represent this worldwide:

  • 160+ experienced auditors with a strong background in the pharmaceutical, life science, technology, engineering, and commercial sectors.
  • 950+ clients to conduct their own audits, many with long-term agreements.
  • 1700+ audits conducted on behalf of clients, diligently ensuring compliance and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.
  • 65+ countries where audits have been conducted, providing clients with valuable insights and an in-depth understanding of different regulatory environments around the world.


What audit standards are available?


QUALIFYZE offers the audit standards you need, performed by experts:

  • GMP: A system to ensure and control that products are processed according to the appropriate quality standards.
  • GDP: Service providers for the storage and transport of goods have to comply with various regulations.
  • GCP: Assessment of compliance with the minimum requirements of any clinical trial or clinical quality management plan.
  • GLP: Any laboratory research and development action/initiative must be conducted under specific conditions.
  • GAMP: Analysis of pharmaceutical industry information systems to assess whether they follow established guidelines that maintain their operational efficiency and reliability.
  • GVP: Any organization seeking marketing authorization for a medicinal product must comply with a set of quality standards relating to its organization and operation.



If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact the ACTide team.