Two modules: RTSM@Site & RTSM@Home

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials, Navigating Precision with Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)


Two modules: RTSM@Site & RTSM@Home

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials, Navigating Precision with Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM).

In the complex world of clinical trials, precision and efficiency are paramount.
Enter ACTide® RTSM, a digital marvel that redefines the organization of trial protocols. Explore the ACTide® RTSM pivotal role, benefits, and the transformative impact it brings to the realm of clinical research.

Understanding Randomization and Trial Supply Management

Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) is a sophisticated
digital solution designed to streamline the randomization process and
efficiently manage the supply of investigational products in clinical trials.
This shift from manual processes to digital platforms marks a significant leap forward in trial precision and logistics.

The Benifits of the ACTide® RTSM

Randomization Precision

You can ensure unbiased and precise subject assignment to treatment arms with ACTide® RTSM, maintaining the integrity of the trial results.

Optimized Trial Supply

You can efficiently manage the investigational products with ACTide®
RTSM, reducing wastage, and ensuring a seamless supply chain throughout the trial duration.

Real-time Visibility

You can give real-time visibility to subject randomization and supply status with ACTide® RTSM, allowing for proactive decision-making and issue resolution.

Scalable complexity levels

Ready to meet the most complex protocol and business requirements.

Drug management of:

  • Web randomization of patients.
  • Dynamic Management of Investigator’s prescriptions.
  • Prescription-based Drug calculation with First Supply and Resupply to the patient’s home.
  • Communications to depots and management interface.
  • Automatic adjustment of re-supply threshold & related communications.
  • Reporting and appropriate control/intervention interface.
    Support for uploading files to accompany shipments.

Drug Tracking and Reporting. Dashboards, listings, Charts for All Appropriate Actors. Sponsor, CRO, Depots, Centers, Patients:

  • Enrolled patients & their prescriptions.
  • Tracking of «orders» according to prescriptions.
  • Tracking of drug shipments status.
  • Tracking of drug availability at the patient’s site.
  • Tracking of drug consumption status.
  • Tracking of unused drug return.

The Key Features of the ACTide® RTSM

System Automation: You can benefit from the automated triggers informing the system about when to ship new kits, time to request a resupply, kits running out of stock, expiring kits, time to discard kits. You can benefit from the completely autonomous system management of patients’ kits assignment, orders shipment management, and expired kits disposal.

Dynamic Randomization Algorithms: You can implement customizable randomization algorithms with ACTide® RTSM, to adapt to the unique needs of each trial, ensuring a balanced distribution of subjects across treatment groups.

Inventory Management: You can track and manage investigational product inventory in real-time with ACTide® RTSM, minimizing the risk of stockouts or overages.

Integration Capabilities: You can seamlessly integrate ACTide® RTSM with other clinical trial systems, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected approach to trial management.

The Configurations of the ACTide® RTSM

Basic Configuration

ACTide® RTSM is the hub for Drug management information. Users access the platform to acknowledge shipment / assignment / resupply status.

Standard Configuration

ACTide® RTSM automatically informs players about assignments/ shipments and resupply while clinical trial team is responsible for assigning kits to patients.

Advanced Configuration

ACTide® RTSM behaves in complete autonomy.

In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical research ACTide® RTSM emerges as pillar of precision and efficiency. Embrace the transformative power of ACTide® RTSM to navigate the complexities of randomization, optimize trial logistics, and propel your clinical trials into a new era of accuracy.

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