ACTide® Safety Tool

Unveiling the Power of Safety: Explore Our Advanced Patient Data Safety Tool

ACTide® Safety Tool
Unveiling the Power of Safety: Explore Our Advanced Patient Data Safety Tool.

Step into a new era of patient data safety with our revolutionary ACTide® Safety Tool.
This fully configurable reporting system provides an intuitive insight into how patient data evolves over time, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of safety occurrences throughout the study lifecycle.

The Key Features of the ACTide® Safety Tool

Complete Study Lifecycle

You can navigate the entire study lifecycle seamlessly with our Safety Tool. 
You can capture, analyze, and report on patient data from inception to completion, fostering a holistic view of safety trends.

Unlimited Report Templates

You can structure unlimited report templates containing any data point present in the study database. You can tailor your reports to match the unique requirements of your study, providing flexibility and precision in reporting.

Intercept New Occurrences and Archive Snapshots

You can stay ahead of safety occurrences with our tool’s ability to intercept new incidents and archive scheduled data snapshots. 
You can track changes over time, ensuring a detailed patient data history.

Compare Multiple Data Snapshots

You can effortlessly compare multiple data snapshots and populate intuitive reports with color-coded data. This feature simplifies the reading of the entire lifecycle of each data entry value, offering you quick insights into progressive data evolution.

Our ACTide® Safety Tool is a beacon of innovation in patient data safety. From complete study lifecycle reporting to unlimited template structures, intercepting new occurrences, and comparing data snapshots, it ensures a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of safety evolution.

Safeguard TOL, ADR, AE/SAE, and easily increase the safety monitoring standards in your study.

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