Partnership in Progress: Unveiling the ACTide® eClinical Ecosystem and Data Management Solutions.

Start on a journey where customers aren’t just buyers but valued partners. Our eClinical ecosystem and Data Management solutions redefine the paradigm, fostering long-lasting relationships with a customer turnover rate of less than 3%. 
Discover a collaborative approach that gives you the freedom to shape the implementation workflow of your projects.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

Partnership, Not Just Transactions:

You can experience a shift in perspective where customers are considered partners. We prioritize building relationships that endure, ensuring a lasting connection beyond mere transactions.

Flexible Collaborative Approach:

Flexibility is our forte. You can choose the level of involvement in your project’s implementation workflow. Our collaborative approach empowers you to actively participate in methodologies, enabling unique service configurations tailored to your study’s needs.

Freedom to Define Involvement:

At the two ends of the spectrum, we offer tactical in-sourcing. You gain complete control over the configuration process and choose the desired level of in-sourcing on a per-study basis. You can enjoy flexibility in defining involvement, balancing activity peaks, budgets, and prioritizing mission-critical projects.

Configurability and Control

eCRF Self-Configuration

ACTide flexible workflow gives your project-managers unlimited freedom to design and configure your eCRF.
It helps create validation rules, manage users and sites. You can define and set normal ranges for laboratory data, preview your draft at any time to have a working environment to show to your customers.

Intermediate Tactical Choices

Rely on the ACTide® Team for complex or critical tasks and use your staff for the rest. You decide the balance between internal and external effort to match your budget requirements and your production pipeline.

Full Service by Nubilaria

Fully delegate to the experienced ACTide Team staff the task of building and validating your eCRF and see the magic happen. Focus your team on your core duties and tasks and let the ACTide Team to complete your eCRF fully compliant with project requirements.

Elevate your projects with a customer-centric approach and flexible service configurations. Our ACTide® eClinical ecosystem and Data Management solutions prioritize partnerships over transactions, offering configurability, control, and a collaborative approach. 

Choose a service model that aligns with your unique needs, and let’s build success together.

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